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Mayfair 100

Drama Series for Television

Set in London during World War One, MAYFAIR 100 explores a covert female task force who uncover a series of dark and gruesome crimes. Delving into the darkest side of life on the home front, the series blends fascinating female characters with stories about soldiers, suffragettes, gangs and the unexplored immigrant communities of 1915 London. A compelling, dynamic look at this period, told through a fresh lens and centred on the relationships of an ensemble cast of misfits as they solve crimes.

Wild Nest Pictures are collaborating on MAYFAIR 100 with Little Island Productions, the BAFTA and EMMY winning team behind Patrick Melrose (starring Benedict Cumberbatch) whose recent projects also include Amazon fantasy series, The Wheel of Time.

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Limited Series for Television

PARALLELS offers an introspective look at the life-altering impact of coming out and about how much a single decision can impact your life and the lives of those around you. Whatever choices we make, do all roads lead back to the same life... the same love? A thought provoking narrative that delves into the essence of identity, choice, and the myriad outcomes of our decisions.


Pilot script written by Oliver Powell. 

The 705

Limited series for Television


The 705 - a limited series exploring the 'what happened next?’ of Titanic’s story and one US Senator’s quest to hold the ship’s owners accountable. People think they know the story - Titanic’s whole narrative. They don’t. The arrival of the seven hundred and five survivors marked the beginning of the US Senate inquiry into the sinking, and the weeks that followed were just as packed with drama as the sinking itself. Missing evidence, claims of insurance fraud, the US Navy chasing surviving crew across the Atlantic and hundreds of traumatised passengers trying to find their way in a new world. The 705 reveals the profound impact of the Titanic tragedy on personal and political levels, highlighting power struggles, the ability of the tabloid press to drive narratives and the human capacity to persevere through loss and change.


Pilot script written by Oliver Powell. 

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