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Goodnight, Darling

Feature Film

The true story of Mavis Eccleston, who in 2019 was put on trial for murder after assisting her terminally ill husband, Dennis, with his suicide. A heartbreaking story of a couple deeply in love for 60 years, and a family who never imagined their lives would be torn apart in the way it was.

GOODNIGHT, DARLING is the story of Mavis and Dennis - their uncompromising love and the persecution she faced for trying to ease the suffering of the person she loved most in the world.

Goodnight Darling is being developed by Corestar.



Here I Am

Feature Film

Wild Nest recently acquired the rights to Alan Huffman’s book HERE I AM, about the life of acclaimed war photographer Tim Hetherington, who died in Libya in 2011.


The film will explore Tim’s life and death, the harrowing brutality he witnessed in the war zones he worked in, and the deep mental scars he was left with.


Tom Brittney is attached to star.

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